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Panel mounted receptacle with TwinCONTACT 1676

Clock position
  • screwless spring terminals
  • suitable for through wiring
  • straight
  • blanking flange to close unused apertures part no. 41419
  • Part no.1676
  • EAN4015394214533
  • Std. Pack. 10
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Technical specifications

Panel mounted receptacle with TwinCONTACT 1676

Ampere 16 A
Poles 4 p
Voltage 50-500 V
Clock position 10 h
Hertz 100-300 Hz
Connection technology Screwless - TwinCONTACT
Contact standard
Protection type IP44
Flange 75x75 mm
Fixing hole 60x60 mm
Weight 140 g
Declaration of Conformity VDE

Appropriate accessories

Panel mounted receptacle with TwinCONTACT 1676


Part no. 40102

for panel mounted receptacles: product group 1056 (screw terminals): all 16 A, 3 p to 5 p as well as 32 A, 5 p in special form (comp. type 1276) product group 1134 (screwless, TwinCONTACT): all 16 A, 3 p to 5 p

Flush mounted installation box

Part no. 40369

with accessories, suitable together with the appropriate flange for mounting a 16 A or 32 A panel mounted receptacle of product groups 1046, 1056, 1134 and 1136

Blanking flange

Part no. 41419

to close unused apertures, grey