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Panel mounted inlet 24152ZA

Clock position
  • screw terminals
  • nickel plated contacts
  • a retaoning nose to hold the hinged lid of the connector must be provided by the customer in order to ensure satisfactory locking
  • Part no.24152ZA
  • EAN4015394207467
  • Std. Pack. 10 Qty.

Technical specifications

Panel mounted inlet 24152ZA

Ampere 32 A
Poles 5 p
Voltage 400 V
Clock position 6 h
Hertz 50-60 Hz
Connection technology Screw terminals
Contact highly heat resistant contact carrier
nickel plated contacts
Protection type IP 44
Weight 180 g
Declaration of Conformity EAC (Zwangszulassung)

Appropriate accessories

Panel mounted inlet 24152ZA

Plug guard

Part no. 41416

fits all CEE plugs, panel mounted and wall mounted inlets from 16 A, 3 p up to 125 A, 5 p, not suitable for low voltage