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We have developed a completely new standard for the screw connection for the PowerTOP® Xtra variants in 16 and 32 A: ErgoCONTACT! Simple handling, ergonomically effective hold, safe installation and thus time saving installation – in short, these are the main features with which ErgoCONTACT sets new standards in the area of installation technology.

Conductor routing

Curved conductor guidance channels easily and securely move the conductor ends into the contacts.

Screw activation from the rear

The ergonomically meaningful terminal position allows to apply the required torgue. The fact that only one screw per contact must be operated improves the installation and shortens the assembly time.

Guide collar

The screw trajectory is supported by a guide collar. This prevents slide-off and minimizes the danger of injury.

Captive combination head screws

The screws are integrated in the guide collars, they cannot fall out, and they can be operated with Pozidrive PZ2 screwdrivers.