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Brochures and information material

Brochures and information material

Are you interested in our offers and solutions? If so, you can download the latest MENNEKES eMobility brochures here.

  • Target group brochures for private individuals, business operators and cities
  • MENNEKES product and solution brochures
  • Documents especially for installers can be found here

Find the brochure you need to download here!

Target group brochures for private individuals, business operators and cities

The MENNEKES eMobility solutions for charging in private, semi-public and public areas.

Charge up at Home!

Intelligent home charging solutions

Here, homeowners, tenants, small landlords and company car drivers will find important insights, information and solutions for charging at home.

Charge up your Business!

Intelligent charging solutions for your company

In this target group brochure, companies, business owners, hotel operators and major landlords will find solutions and tips for offering charging options for their customers, employees and visitors.

MENNEKES product and solution brochures

Here you will find brochures and flyers on MENNEKES products and important eMobility topics, such as load management.

AMTRON® Compact 2.0 und 2.0s

Charge up easily and safely at home

The MENNEKES AMTRON® Compact 2.0 and 2.0s wallboxes take home charging to a whole new level.

Dynamic load management

Local blackout protection

The MENNEKES AMTRON® Professional wallboxes and AMEDIO® Professional charging stations feature local blackout protection. The brochure summarizes all relevant information.