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Charging column Smart

MENNEKES Smart charging column

High availability, includes anti-vandal protection

The MENNEKES Smart charging column is an all-rounder for public and semi-public charging. MENNEKES charging stations always have two charging points that can be used simultaneously.

The product range impresses with user-friendly operation with a plain text display and one socket per charging point that can be used with one hand. For operation in particularly cold temperatures, a socket heater is integrated to prevent the charging plug from freezing. As early as the development stage, emphasis was placed on the robust design and enclosure, which provides protection against vandalism.

With the Smart charging column you will find the right charging column for public charging at MENNEKES.

charging column for public charging

Load management and networking capability included

Intelligent charging

Load management is a standard feature of MENNEKES Smart charging columns. They are also characterized by their networking capability. The connection to different billing systems can be established by inserting a SIM card and the connection via the mobile network.